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Bleckhausen is located in the Vulkaneifel, nearby the towns Manderscheid (4,5km) and Daun (15km).

There are many hiking trails located nearby, for example the stages 11 and 12 of the trail "Eifelsteig".

There are also lovely tour routes for motorbikes, cars and bycicles (mountain bikes) around Bleckhausen.

Besides the hiking trails and tour routes there are many more things, for young and old, to see and visit.

The Vulcano lakes, Wild-& Erlebnispark in Daun, Adler-& Wolfpark in Pelm, the Niederburg & Oberburg in Manderscheid, the Nurburgring or a short boat tour on the Moselle are examples of things to see and do.

During the winter, when there is enough snow, the small ski slopes are opened as well. The one in Daun is here an example of.

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